Odvetnik Petrič
Dunajska cesta 51
1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia, EU

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Law Firm Rok Petrič

knowledge, trust, order

A comprehensive insight into law can be gained through broad knowledge, the ability of learning continually and thoroughly as well as the study of legal rules and theories, especially through case law. At Law Firm Rok Petrič we have such knowledge and abilities. We also have considerable experience of the most demanding cases in all fields of law.

That is why our clients trust us. We are convinced that trust is the foundation and core of an attorney’s work. The entire scope and legally decisive details of a certain case can be understood only if we understand our clients and if there is mutual trust between us.

The above is possible also because at Law Firm Rok Petrič we adhere to our own strict rules of maintaining order at all times. We carefully keep all received documentation and guard as classified information all the data regarding our clients as well as everything that our clients reveal to us in their cases.